Many high school students take advanced programs in calculus to earn credits in college. Once they pass the examination given while they are in their senior year, they will be exempted from taking calculus during their first semester in college. However, many colleges claim that when these students enroll in higher calculus for the second semester, they seem unprepared and they are still lack the needed background knowledge and basic skills needed to solve calculus problems and understand concepts.
Parents must be aware of the difficulties that await their children in college despite the fact that they have qualified for the advanced program in calculus. Higher level of calculus in college requires extensive background on related topics such as geometry, trigonometry, and algebra. Students who do not have a full grasp of the concepts and procedures in solving problems on these topics will have a hard time dealing with their calculus subjects in the next semesters.

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Pre calculus tutoring will provide our child with the much needed background so that he will be able to cope easily with his calculus lessons. Instead of plunging your child into the rigors of the subject, he will be given personalized instruction on areas where he is deficient. For example, if he has deficiency in geometry or algebra, he will be given lessons on these areas first until he has mastered the concepts and the applications needed for calculus.
You can find personal tutors for your child but if you want to make sure that you get the best pre calculus tutoring service for less expense, you can look for tutors from web sites that offer online tutorial for pre calculus. When selecting an online tutorial company, your first consideration is the qualifications of the tutors. For pre calculus, tutors must be graduates of mathematics or engineering courses. Read customer reviews and feedback about the tutors so that you will have basis for choosing the most qualified tutor for your child.
There are live tutorials for students who prefer to have face to face interaction with their tutors. Classes are conducted through video calling in the internet. One advantage of live tutorial is that students can ask for clarifications or can raise questions and get an answer right away. The teacher can give him explanation on the spot and the teacher can demonstrate or show the process using white board and other mediums. If you think that your child will benefit more from live classes, you can register him to a reputable online tutorial service that includes live tutorials among its services.
For parents who believe that personal tutorial is still the best way to prepare there children for calculus, there are tutorial centers that offer pre calculus tutoring. These centers have tutors who specialize in the subjects that are offered and they are trained to prepare the best personalized program for a pre calculus course for your child.
Make your child like and learn calculus the easy way. Prepare him for higher calculus subjects by letting him attend a pre calculus tutoring class.